Friday, June 26, 2009


aku agak terkejut dgn kematian dia
he is the most talented performer of his generation!
lagenda yg aku mksud kn ialah Michael Jackson
aku suke dgn sume lagu michael even aku x setuju dgn transformation diri die
sedeh dgn pemergiannya aku harap dia mati dlm agama islam

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ku ibrahim najib bin ku mohamad al fathlullah

my ayah
hey! that is my dad name!!
oh! i forgot today is father's day
ayah i would like to wish u happy father's day and hope u in longevity ok!!
ure really my hero and my bestiesfriend that i ever had..
im very thankful to Allah because give me a great dad
mybe sometime ure very garang but i love u ayah!!
i feel good when u be with me all the time
n ure who hold us together every time
n ure also who give money every month because i don't get full ptptn thanks!! hehe