Thursday, February 26, 2009


aku tiba2 teringat plak citer lame2 dlu
lepas aku ade bce blog kwn aku sorg ni
time skola is the best moment in my life
firstly i skola dkt skola bahiyah which is my best frend farina
waktu fom 1 i x kwn dgn farina lagi
bcoz she be a frend with a bitch at tht time
so i meluat giler dkt geng dorg ni
smpi ade gado2 hehe
at this time i kwn dgn adela firdaus
she is my liltle cute frend
and she moved to another school
lpas ade gdoh dgn bitch ni sorg
so i kwn la dgn farina
haha so weird at that time..
x sgka kwn dgn farina
one of bitch frend..hmm
jodoh x kemane kn haha
smpai la skang aku kwn dgn farina ni
then i moved to ampang girl school in kl
time ni sgt la sedeh koz akn berjauhan dgn kwn2
dkt skola ni i rapat sgt dgn tarvin nana andi fairus alya
they are my best frend 4eva!!
i miss them very much
tarvin - the coolest buddy
nana - my poney hair fren
andi - my dancer frend
fairus - my kaki lepak n bising fren ( dlm kelas scince )
alya - my beautiful fren
aku sgt rindu kn mereka
mereka is my best frend in kl
i love u all!!