Monday, May 11, 2009

the uninvited

on 8th of May 09
the date that i watched this movie wth my fren deja
this movie which is not so horror but its quietly good n we cannot think how the movie end
for me this movie is so good and very nice
but my other frend said that the movie is not good n lembab
i think that movie is good to who are scared and want to start to look at the horror film
this movie is good for the starter
this american movie is remake of the south KOrean horror film
* A tale of two sister*
it looks very nice, very creepy and very generic.
the synopsis of this movie is about the modern day teenage sister Anna and Alex who return from a mental hospital
only to find the unsolving cruel evil by cruel stepmother ( the actress that replaced alex in smallville)
did Anna can solve this evil problem??
so u guys must watch this film now in cinema!!
it was so good!!